Second Glance

Two Generations of Alumni Pursue Medical Careers
Greg Glance ’81, Sara Glance ’09, Brett Caldwell (Sara’s fiance) and Tyler Glance ’14 celebrate Sara’s graduation from Wake Forest School of Medicine in 2013

When Dr. Greg Glance was a UNC Asheville freshman in the late 1970s, the student body included fewer than 1,500 people. By the time his daughter, Dr. Sara Glance, enrolled in 2005, the school had grown to more than 3,300 students. 

Still, UNC Asheville’s distinguishing features remained constant: “The things that have remained the same, at least as I can tell through my kids, are the small class sizes and a lot of connection with professors, which I think was invaluable. I think they do as well,” Greg Glance said.

These unchanging strengths have aided the father and daughter in their careers as physicians. Today, both say their UNC Asheville experiences contributed to their success in medical school and beyond. 

UNC Asheville has been a collegiate home for members of the Glance family since the late 1970s, when the elder enrolled. He lived off-campus, as most students did then, and studied chemistry and biology. Professors like S. Dexter Squibb in the Chemistry Department and John M. McCoy and John C. Bernhardt in the Biology Department stoked his interest in the sciences and in medicine.

“The intensiveness of the chemistry and biology programs certainly made the first two years of medical school a lot easier,” he said.

Twenty-seven years later, Sara Glance also would find instructors who helped the budding physician find her way. This time it was in the Department of Health and Wellness. She was placed in a freshman colloquial class with Barry Fox, a lecturer in the department whom she credits with her interest in the Hippocrates Student Organization. 

The Health and Wellness Department, she recalled, helped shaped how she would later hope to practice. It taught her how to focus on the whole person and not just a disease process.

“It was just different than a chemistry or biology major,” she said. “It taught me more about preventative medicine and nutrition, which I could use later on in medical care.” 

Today, she is in her first year of residency at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, having graduated in May 2013 from Wake Forest University School of Medicine in Winston-Salem. Like her father, a fellow Wake Forest graduate, she plans to practice outpatient, primary care medicine.

Other members of the Glance family found different academic focuses. Her brother, Tyler Glance, is a senior at UNC Asheville studying psychology. And her mom, Sherry Lynn Glance, earned a degree in sociology in 2000. She passed away in 2011. She and her husband had stayed involved in the university’s Parents Council, and he has served on UNC Asheville’s Foundation Board of Directors. 

“UNC Asheville has been a big part of my family’s life,” said Greg Glance.