Pieces of Home

Our newest Bulldogs brought a few of their favorite items to campus on move-in day, from the essentials to the sentimental.

Haylea Womack - When you can’t have a real dog in your room, a stuffed animal makes a great, low-maintenance pet.

Jacob Thome - He brought his own robot to kick off his engineering classes. 

Alyssa Killingsworth - She was excited to try out her new bike on campus!

Thomas Moriarty - He brought his rock climbing gear to start exploring our mountains.

Maggie Pasour - Photos of her friends and family had us feeling teary-eyed.

Nicole Matute-Villagrana - She never had to buy her own toilet paper before! Welcome to adulthood, Nicole. 

Delaney Sinclair - Creating a stress-free zone.

Michael Murray - He couldn’t live without his gaming computer!

David Creech - He was putting together a solid recording station.