Spring 2018 (Volume 10 Number 2)

Spring 2018

Next Stop, Times Square: World-renowned artist Mel Chin works with UNC Asheville students. READ MORE>

The Center of Attention: Service That Lasts a Lifetime READ MORE>

A Liberal Arts Look at Appalachia: UNC Asheville Shares Appalchia's Story. READ MORE>

Fall 2017 (Volume 10 Number 1)

Fall 2017

Campus Heroes: Making a Difference Throughout Nine Decades. READ MORE>

Liberal Arts: 360 Degrees Around the Student. READ MORE>

From World Affairs to Worldwide Impact: Political Science Grads Travel Far. READ MORE>

Once a Bulldog, Always a Bulldog: A Legacy of Leadership. READ MORE>

Summer 2017 (Volume 9 Number 2)

Summer 2017

Perspectives on the Sun: The Great American Eclipse. READ MORE>

Then and Now: A time-traveling tour of UNC Asheville's 90 years. READ MORE>

Creating an App for That: UNC Asheville students and alumni combine knowledge from other fields with computer science. READ MORE>

Community Engagement: Collaboration, research, and partnerships. READ MORE>

Fall 2016 (Volume 9 Number 1)

Fall 2016

Interdisciplinary Innovations: UNC Asheville fuels innovation in every field. READ MORE>

Early Adopters: For many students, the UNC Asheville experience starts long before college. READ MORE>

Research in the National Parks: Celebrating the National Parks Centennial through classes and projects. READ MORE>

Behind the Seams: A look at the costume makers in TheatreUNCA. READ MORE>

Spring 2016 (Volume 8 Number 2)

Spring 2016

The Team Behind the Team: It’s all hands and hearts in for the Bulldogs. READ MORE>

Conversations That Matter: Thought leaders converge at UNC Asheville for conversations that matter and make a difference. READ MORE>

Breaking Out of the Box: Two new initiatives provide students a unique pathway of experience. READ MORE>

We're No. 1: UNC Asheville is ranked No. 1 for "Making an Impact." READ MORE>

Fall 2015 (Volume 8 Number 1)

Fall 2015

Transformers: The world unfolds for undergraduates thanks to the talents of award-winning faculty. READ MORE>

Moving Mountains: The campus community comes together for the installation of seventh Chancellor Mary K. Grant. READ MORE>

Visions of Leadership: Capturing a moment with four student leaders. READ MORE>

Learning Curves: UNC Asheville alumni shape their paths to successful, fulfilling careers. READ MORE>

Spring 2015 (Volume 7 Number 2)

Spring 2015

UNC Asheville 
alumni are rising to the top of the craft brew scene, proving that having a liberal arts 
education is a key ingredient for a successful career. READ MORE>

Liberal arts leadership in the driver's seat with Chancellor Grant at the helm of UNC Asheville. READ MORE>

Examining UNC Asheville Admissions READ MORE>

While all Bulldogs sports programs delve into community service, few can boast of a good deed done 20 years ago that people are still talking about. READ MORE>

Fall 2014 (Volume 7 Number 1)

Fall 2014

Big Dreams Small Houses-Alumni entrepreneurs join the tiny-house movement to build their homes and businesses. Read More>

Meet Chancellor Mary K. Grant-Welcoming UNC Asheville's seventh chancellor to campus. Read More>

The Edges of Knowledge-Four areas of study that blur the boundaries between disciplines. Read More>

International Players-Student-athletes on familiar courts in a new country. Read More>

Spring 2014 (Volume 6 Number 2) 

Spring 2014A Global Perspective-From the Edge of the Earth at the South Pole to the Middle East, Alumni Make their Mark Internationally Read More

Asheville’s Chancellor-Reflections on Anne Ponder’s Nine Years of Service to her Hometown’s University Read More

Four Sides of the Quad-Whatever Side You Take, There’s  Something to Love About the Quad Read More

Behind the Mask of the College Mascots-A Tale of Friendship, Romance and School Spirit Read More

Fall 2013 (Volume 6, No. 1)

Fall 2013Five Decades of Shared Experiences in UNC Asheville's Flagship Program Read More

Alumnus Nick McDevitt Takes Basketball from College to a Career Read More

UNC Asheville Professors Share their Personal Passions Read More

A Taste of Undergraduate Research Projects in the Gardens, Kitchen and Classrooms Read More

Summer 2013 (Volume 5, Number 2)

Summer 2013In the magical, marginal and multidisciplinary space of new media, students bring presidential personas and prehistoric creatures back to life, merging technology and art to create their careers. Read More

From study sessions to sporting events, UNC Asheville stays alive after sunset. See the photos that illuminate campus after dark. Read More

A Spectrum of Sustainability: Students, staff and faculty put their energy into sustainability on campus, revealing a spectrum of smarter systems and habits. Read More

WNC communities turn to the National Environmental Modeling and Analysis Center to make sense of complex data and plan for the future. Read More

Fall 2012 (Volume 5 Number 1)

Fall 2012

Imagine having a great job waiting after graduation—with an employer ready to fund your master's degree. Students and faculty from this joint degree program explain what makes it spark. Read More

Etta Mae Whitner Patterson helped desegregate her hometown before becoming the first African American to enroll at its college. Read More

Can a research partnership between UNC Asheville and the Forest Service help win the race against time and save a beloved Appalachian ecosystem? Read More

Spring 2012 (Volume 4 Number 2)

vol4no2Graduating to the Next level-If there were a men's basketball tournament just for players who graduated this past May, UNC Asheville could have been the nation's top seed. Six players, including four starters on the Big South champion Bulldogs, received diplomas in May. Read More

Big-picture Thinking-In today's interconnected world, employers want liberal arts students who can look beyond their majors and connect the dots. Read More

The Power of Inquiring Minds-For a group of UNC Asheville students, the National Conference on Undergraduate Research represents a challenge accepted and an opportunity seized. Read More

Fall 2011(Volume 4 Number 1)


The Sound of Science-Students explore the digital side of music production. Read More

Researching a Mysterious Malady-A professor and student race to understand the deadly White-Nose Syndrome that is killing bats. Read More

A Simple Equation: College + Town Read More

Spring 2011(Volume 3 Number 2)


The largest facility ever constructed on the UNC Asheville campus was dedicated in the spring. Read More

At UNC Asheville students find a curriculum that challenges them to think differently to ensure professional success. Read More

Balancing basketball and a tough academic schedule takes dedication and careful planning. Read More

Fall 2010 (Volume 3 Number 1)

Fall 2010Rocky 1—Worth the Wait Read More

Making the Best of Hard Times—Part-time jobs and increased financial aid have helped many students cope with a tough economy. Read More

Field Notes from a Botanist—David Clarke: collector of plants in the world's last great tropical wilderness Read More

Spring 2010 (Volume 2 Number 2)

Spring 2010

Hands in Harmony—Photographer Tim Barnwell '77 explores the world of traditional crafts and music in Appalachia Read More

Students get an up-close geology lesson at the I-40 rockslide Read More

Dan Pierce brings history to life Read More

Fall 2009 (Volume 2 Number 1)

Fall 2009NEMAC—Translating Data into meaningful and useful science Read More

Setting the standard—Zeis Hall brings science, multimedia to life Read More

Career Center—facing the job market Read More

Spring 2009 (Volume 1 Number 2)

Spring 2009Connecting the dots on protecting farms—Research shows how residents and visitors value agriculture in Western North Carolina Read More

Community support grows for local foods on campus and at tailgate markets Read More

From the Smokies to the Piedmont, history professor Dan Pierce chronicles everyday Southern folks Read More

Fall 2008 (Volume 1 Number 1)

Fall 2008Mountains to the World—becoming global citizens students create a vibrant educational experience in Bolivia, returning with new insights and understanding Read more

Clearing the Air—Professor Bert Holmes and his cohort of student researchers may reveal replacements for greenhouse gases and ozone-depleting compounds. Read More

Meet Jane Fernandes—UNC Asheville's new provost A consensus builder, she deftly navigates the hearing and deaf worlds as she champions the liberal arts. Read More