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The Houser sisters are from Chapel Hill, N.C. and have been playing soccer since they were 6 years old, always playing on the same team but different positions. That way the Houser sisters didn’t worry about being the ‘better’ twin, but just supporting each other to do better.

“Well soccer is more of a team sport, and we play different positions. So we didn’t need to compete for starting positions,” said Emma, “I play defense. Caroline plays forward, and we both want the other to do well. We are both competitive but it’s more of a healthy competition because we want the other to do well.”

When the time came to search for colleges the Housers looked individually, not wanting to base their decisions off of each other.

Usually colleges they looked at showed little interest in the possibility of having both girls on their team, according to Caroline. However, Coach Michelle Demko responded otherwise.

“It was more individual, but it just happened we both ended up here,” said Emma, “Michelle wanted both of us and it was a good fit.”

For Emma and Caroline, academics and the nature of the campus were important in the decision making. When it came to UNC Asheville, they both liked the class size that allowed them to meet their professors, and not just be another number. Both Emma and Caroline are majoring in management. The team and coach have become like family.

This fondness lead them to talking to another pair of players, the Snyder sisters, whom they helped recruit to UNC Asheville. Emma and Caroline knew Erika and Rachel from their club team that they played in before college.

Members of the Club

Like the Houser sisters, Erika and Rachel Snyder based their decision on which school they wanted to attend individually, but found the Asheville was a good fit for both of them.

“I really like the campus,” Rachel said.

“I like the class size and the mountains,” Erika said.

The Snyder sisters have been playing soccer since they were 5 years old, and it is the only sport they’ve played. They are from Cary, N.C, and similar to Emma and Caroline, they play different positions. Rachel is a forward and Erika a defender. Both have won honors, with Rachel being named All State and All Region prior to Asheville. Erika came in as a strong defender with honors of 2015 All Academic team, All Conference, Honorable Mention and 2016 Coaches’ Award. Each is clear to state they are their own person and player, and they’ll quickly put their best foot forward.

Both the Housers and Snyders are mirror twins of each other, meaning one is left foot and the other right, though playing the other side can lead to a competitive advantage, according to Emma.

 “Sometimes on the field it’s fun because sometimes I play on Caroline’s side, which is on the left, you can tell the person defending me and then defending Caroline gets confused because they are like ‘Weren’t you just over there?’ and we are like ‘No, we are twins!’”