Visions of Leadership

Capturing a moment with four student leaders

UNC Asheville Magazine captured a moment with four student leaders on campus to learn more about their work—and their plans to change the world. 

Maya Victoria NewlinMaya Victoria Newlin

Senior majoring in pre-med/health political science and sociology, minor in Africana Studies 

President of Student Government Association; president and founder of Shades of Color; captain of the Cheer and Dance Team; a member of the Black Student Association and University Ambassadors

The work I have chosen to do has been dedicated to making myself and other underrepresented students feel that they have a safe space within our campus community. I have also worked to create allies to these marginalized groups so that all students grow in their understanding of the world around them. Our campus culture should be as diverse as we say it is.

Meredith McLain

Meredith McLain

Sophomore majoring in political science 

Co-president of She’s the First at UNC Asheville and a sophomore senator with the Student Government Association

I’m able to help the student body find a voice as well as learn more about the legislative process on a small scale. She’s the First says that the smallest of actions can make a change. This idea influences my personal aspirations for change. If I can create change in the world for one person, then I can affect many people.

Devyn Smith

Devyn Smith

Junior majoring in political science

President of the Native American Student Association and a member of the University Ambassadors, Order of Pisgah and Baptist Student Fellowship

It embodies what we try to be as a Native American student group. We are part of a culture that pre-existed before the establishment of the United States. But we also live in modern times and are successful in a contemporary environment.

Cory Oskardmay

Cory Oskardmay

Junior majoring in environmental management and policy

A captain for the Men's Ultimate Frisbee team, and a project coordinator for the Student Environmental Center

Through the Ultimate Frisbee team I've learned a lot about leading a group of peers and keeping a positive group mentality that promotes hard work. We wish to create a program that gets better every year and makes alumni proud to have been a part of the team.

George Etheredge is an art major graduating in December with a concentration in photography. He was recently accepted into The Eddie Adams Workshop XXVIII, an intensive three-day photojournalism workshop of top photography professionals and 100 students whose selection is based solely on the merit of their portfolios. “For me, photography acts as a vehicle for allowing me to engage with the world in a meaningful way, and I am interested in creating visual narratives that highlight both challenges and successes faced by contemporary American society.”