Time Capsule

Alumni's Imaginative Take on a Campus Time Capsule

As UNC Asheville celebrates 90 years, we asked our graduates what they wished they had left behind for future generations to find.


Campus pictures from when Asheville-Biltmore College was in Seely’s Castle, because I doubt that students today know this is part of UNC Asheville’s history. — Susie Ray '54




My freshman ID, so students in the future can know what students looked like and what we used for ID cards. — (Robert) Todd Fortune '90


A smartphone, because smartphones have become a 'natural' way of communication throughout the world today. In 100 years, they won't exist and people will probably wonder what they were used for—like phone booths are today. — Joseph Graham '73



Recordings by UNCA music students and alumni, especially by those who lived/worked in Asheville after graduation.
— Bryan White '03

Programs from Carol Belk Theatre because it’s one of the most unique theatre spaces in the country.
— Tim Kelley '94






In the 80’s the Walkman was the first portable and personal music player with head phones or ear plugs you could walk and jog with.
— Michael Breen '80

An “Alternative Service Experience” t-shirt because one of my fondest memories from college was volunteering during Alternative Service Experience. I want to preserve the item to show that although trends will change, engagement and making an impact have always been an integral part of the UNC Asheville identity.
— Juliana Grassia '15

Boy Meets World was a classic show that taught me a lot of valuable lessons as a kid and encouraged me through college. It was about family who always put each other first and treats friends like family. It was purely wholesome. Mr. Feeny was the role model adult with endless wisdom. They don't make shows like that anymore and I imagine they won't in 100 years from now either. Everyone needs to be reminded of the simple things in life.
— Chloe Holden '15