Big Picture

The "Wake" Project Comes to Life in Times Square
Core members of the UNC Asheville team that brought "Wake" to life, from left: Art student Jeb Hedgecock, and May 2018 mechatronics engineering graduates Kyle Ward, Kaitlin Thomas, Brittany Hand, Jacob Fink, Zoe Rorvig and Elijah Nonamaker.

Standing amid the giant video advertisements and bustling crowds on Broadway, Wake, with its figurehead of Jenny Lind and the ribs of a giant ship or marine mammal, was unveiled on July 13, 2018, as the largest public art installation ever in New York City’s Times Square and the culmination of a year’s work by UNC Asheville’s STEAM Studio and an interdisciplinary team of students, faculty, and community artists, led by Mel Chin. The installation was on view in Times Square through Sept. 5, 2018.

“Large numbers of people stop, stare, think (I hope!), and make themselves at home in the sculpture’s ribs. While your team has returned to North Carolina along with Mel Chin, their collective impact is still here and being felt,” wrote Times Square Alliance President Tim Tompkins in a letter congratulating the team.